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Top Industry Happenings

CRN, AHPA & Others Announce Expansions, Achievements

<p>New business moves and accomplishments allow for the expansion of natural product companies and industry organizations.</p>

New business moves and accomplishments by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), and more allow for the expansion of both industry organizations and natural product companies.

CRN recently rang in the new year by adding six new companies to its membership roster. The companies include voting members: AstaReal Inc.; Bifodan Inc.; and Rebound Health International Inc.; and associate members: Global Recruiters of Madison; RT Specialty LLC; and Wellvest Capital. According to CRN’s president and CEO Steve Mister, adding these new companies will help strengthen the association and its mission.

AHPA has also made moves by adding Sheldon Baker, supplement industry veteran and senior partner with Baker Dillon Group, as vice president of strategic engagement. Baker will be based in Clovis, California, and his responsibilities will involve maintaining and expanding AHPA's membership, managing AHPA's member meetings and educational activities, creating brand strategies to further promote AHPA and its work, and AHPA's participation in herbal industry activities relevant to the membership. 

Other industry accomplishments include Aker BioMarine’s promising future in sustainability through its Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) recertification, and Gilad&Gilad's new agmatine patent.

Aker BioMarine received MSC recertification for the sustainability and 100-percent traceability of its krill products, including krill oil. MSC's standards are considered some of the strongest in the world for environmentally sustainable fishing. The recertification process started in 2013 and took approximately 18 months to complete. Aker BioMarine's new MSC certificate will apply to the fishery for the next five years (2015 to 2020).

Gilad&Gilad received U.S. patent number 8916612, titled “Agmatine Containing Dietary Supplements, Nutraceuticals, and Foods," which provides the company with exclusive rights to tell healthy users that supplements, nutraceuticals and foods containing effective amounts of agmatine offer neuroprotection and resilient nervous system functions. Gad Gilad, the company’s CEO, said there is a scarcity of dietary ingredients that support healthy nerve functions, and agmatine is unique because it provides neuroprotection by modulating multiple molecular mechanisms that underlie the cell's own molecular stress response. Therefore, agmatine offers nerve resilience without unwanted side effects. 

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