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Creatine HCl Inventor Buys CON-CRT Maker

Article-Creatine HCl Inventor Buys CON-CRT Maker

CON-CRET cratine HCl package
<p style="margin: 0in 0in 8pt;">Creatine HCl patent holder Vireo Systems has completed a takeover of its distribution partner Promera Sports.</p>

The company that synthesized creatine hydrochloride (HCl) back in 2003 has acquired the company that first brought the new form of creatine to market. Vireo Systems Inc. (VSI), the holder of the patent on creatine HCl, said purchasing Promera Sports, the maker of the popular CON-CRET®, will help ensure continued consumer access to authentic creatine HCl.

Vireo invented creatine HCl in January 2003 and spent several years researching the properties of this molecule with scientists at University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, and Vanderbilt University in Nashville. According to VSI, the advantages of CON-CRET over traditional creatines include: significantly increased solubility, stability, bioavailability, and plasma uptake, which all lead to improved strength, endurance, and recovery from intense workouts, without side effects like cramping, bloating or water retention seen with other forms of creatine. Based on the research results, Vireo branded the unique creatine under the name CON-CRET and brought it to market through Promera in 2007.

In 2009, VSI secured its first patent (US # 7,608,641) for the ingredient and its use in liquids, beverages and solid dosage forms such as dietary supplements. Over the next few years, VSI was awarded three additional patents (#8,962,685, #8,354,450 and #8,026,385). Vireo reported it currently holds five patents totaling 70 patent claims on its creatine HCl compound, and the patents have sustained all challenges by infringers.

“Ever since CON-CRET became the number one specialty creatine in the market, we have seen knock-off creatine-HCl from infringing overseas sources with both low purity and a variety of contaminants,” explained Mark Faulkner, president of VSI. " Customers can trust the quality of the product that Promera is delivering as well as those major brands that have licensed patented [creatine HCl] as an ingredient."

VSI further noted customers can be sure they are the true VSI creatine when the label shows either the patent numbers or the symbol “CON-CRET Reinforced®.” Otherwise, the product is likely a rip-off or counterfeit that may be impure or contaminated.

Terms of the acquisition were not released.

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