Modern challenges in clinical trials: Strategies to help brands and ingredient suppliers narrow the proof gap - Video

Products with science-backed claims supported by published clinical trials are an increasingly important benchmark, but for brands this can be loaded with challenges. In this video, learn the best strategies for study design, how to leverage trials to drive innovation and enable compliant structure/function claims, and ensure your brand is protected in this era of stringent regulatory scrutiny.  Price: $59

Duffy Hayes, Assistant Editor

June 28, 2024

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Supplement makers are required to support the health claims of their products with scientific evidence, but a related value lies in crafting top-shelf clinical trials; supplement trials benefit both brands and consumers by revealing insights into a product’s real-world performance.   

Since brands use trial results to market their products with science-backed claims — and consumers increasingly trust brands more when their product research includes verified, published clinical trials — it’s important to examine the challenges and common roadblocks found in today’s clinical trial environment. The best strategies run the gamut, including pre-clinical analysis, study startup and design, efficient participant recruitment, smooth data capture and analysis, and more.   

The video covers:   

  • How to best leverage clinical trials during research and development to drive innovation and launch with claims that pass regulatory muster.   

  • Making sure your brand is properly protected during this era of stringent claims guidelines, especially by focusing on product labeling and quality of evidence returned in trials.   

  • Inherent challenges with the current clinical trial framework, in which women are not equally represented in terms of trial participation or study design and interpretation.   


0:00:00-0:06:00 – Introduction  

0:06:00-0:25:00 – Using genomics and AI to test safety and efficacy, and innovate in formulations: Leena Pradham-Nabzdyk, CEO and co-founder, Canomiks    

0:25:00-0:46:00 – Rapid and reasonable R&D and claims substantiation, through AI and tech: Jeff Chen, CEO and co-founder, Radicle Science:    

0:46:00-1:09:00 – Panel discussion on maximizing clinical trials during product development and enabling strong claims: Duffy Hayes, assistant editor, Natural Products Insider; Jeff Chen, CEO and co-founder, Radicle Science; Erin McKinney, clinical R&D manager, Gaia Herbs; Alleh Lindquist, director and CEO, Floraworks   

1:09:00-1:31:00 – The representation of women within current clinical trial populations and data: Sudipta Veeramachaneni, president, GNC   

1:31:00-1:52:00 – The leaky pipeline from academia to the upper levels of professional research for women: Yalda Shokooh, director of science/nutrition, NOW Foods   

1:52:00-2:18:00 – Empowering female progress in the psychedelics ecosystem: Najla Guthrie, president and CEO, KGK Science   

2:18:00-2:50:00 – Panel discussion ongender-balance strategies: Heather Granato, VP of partnerships and sustainability, Informa Markets; Pelin Thorogood, co-founder and executive chair, Radicle Science; Karen Hecht, scientific affairs manager, AstaReal; Susan Kleiner, founder, High Performance Nutrition; Doug Kalman, clinical associate professor, Nova Southeastern University   

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Duffy Hayes

Assistant Editor, Natural Products Insider

Duffy Hayes joined Informa Markets and Natural Products Insider in January 2020. He has more than two decades of experience as a working journalist, previously as an editor and reporter at a daily newspaper and also as a B2B journalist in the telecommunications and home security industries.

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