TIC Gums Introduces Ticaloid® Ultrasmooth NGMO Original

<p>TIC Gums introduced Ticaloid&#174; ultrasmooth NGMO original for non-gmo instant protein beverages.</p>

Press Release

TIC Gums expanded its advanced portfolio of texture and stability solutions with Ticaloid® Ultrasmooth NGMO Original, a cold water soluble hydrocolloid system for use in non-GMO instant protein beverages.

As instant protein beverages continue to grow in popularity due to their ease-of-use and perceived nutritional value, formulators now have the ability to modify textural attributes to deliver fortified beverages which appeal to a larger market as well as adhere to non-GMO parameters.

Ticaloid Ultrasmooth NGMO Original:

  • Is non-GMO.
  • Stabilizes and suspends instant protein beverages.
  • More effectively decreases astringency and the perception of particulates when compared to single ingredient stabilizers alone.
  • Increases viscosity, slipperiness and mouth clearing, allowing end users to experience the textural benefits upon reconstitution.

More technical information on Ticaloid Ultrasmooth NGMO Original can be found in TIC Gums’ latest Technically Speaking white paper: Targeting Texture in Non-GMO Instant Protein Beverages. To download the white paper, visit ticgums.com/ultrasmooth-ngmo.

For more information, visit ticgums.com.


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