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Sourcing quality CBD remains challenge—podcast

Hemp Field 2019
In this podcast at SupplySide West, representatives of BI Nutraceuticals explore farming, extraction, dosing, regulation and other aspects of the hemp-derived CBD market.

At the recent SupplySide West 2019 in Las Vegas, representatives of BI Nutraceuticals discussed the ingredient on everyone’s mind in the natural products industry: CBD. BI Nutraceuticals’ CEO, George Pontiakos, and its director of extract manufacturing, Michael Wagner, Ph.D., sat down for a podcast interview with Josh Long, legal and regulatory editor of Natural Products INSIDER. In the podcast, Pontiakos and Wagner discussed:

  • Challenges sourcing quality CBD products
    • Few companies, Pontiakos said, “have all the controls in place to ensure that what you’re providing to the consumer is correct, safe and efficacious.”
  • Safety concerns related to farming practices and extraction
    • Said Pontiakos: “A vast majority of hemp growers are brand new to the industry. Many of them never grew a tomato in their back yard let alone had a commercial farming operation.”
    • Commenting on extraction, Wagner said companies may lack the technical expertise to eliminate residual solvents from their extracts. “That’s a serious concern that we see in other extracts. It applies exactly to this and when you have inexperienced people doing it, you run that risk.”
  • The potential for adverse reactions from the combination of CBD products and prescription drugs
  • Whether FDA should establish a dosing limitation for CBD in dietary supplements
  • The eventual maturation of the market
    • “Those that are in it today,” Pontiakos said, “may not be there tomorrow when the bigger players decide to come in.”

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