Roquette and World Food Partner for Pea Protein Distribution

<p>Roquette America and World Food Processing have partnered in agreement to bring the high demand pea protein to North America.</p>

GENEVA, Ill.Roquette America and World Food Processing have partnered to bring Roquette's pea protein to North America.

Our partnership with World Food Processing allows Roquette America to give the U.S. market a local supply of pea protein isolates," said Dominique Taret, CEO of Roquette America. We have seen a dramatic increase in consumer demand for our pea proteins due to their benefits, including cleaner labeling, elimination of common allergens and high digestibility."

Roquettes brand name Nutralys incorporates several vegetable proteins, including those derived from pea. Pea protein is a neutral tasting product that is often used in vegan and soy/gluten-free products, but is also suitable for meat extension.

Food traceability is a growing concern of consumers. Our non-GMO and Organic closed-loop, vertically integrated model allows us complete control from seed to plate," said Jerry Lorenzen, CEO of World Food Processing. Our partnership with Roquette increases the availability of pea protein for world-leading food companies and offers, to consumers, access to a high-quality plant-based protein backed by innovation and complete transparency."

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