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New F&B Products: Herb Flavors, Ciabatta Thins, Seasonings for Condiments

Article-New F&B Products: Herb Flavors, Ciabatta Thins, Seasonings for Condiments

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<p>Here&#8217;s this week&#8217;s round up of new ingredients and products, including new mixes for sauces, dips and condiments; Italian ciabatta pre-sliced thins, TABASCO&#174; brand Spray Dry Flavor and more.</p>

Here’s this week’s round up of new ingredients and products, including new mixes for sauces, dips and condiments; Italian ciabatta pre-sliced thins, TABASCO® brand Spray Dry Flavor and more.

New Ingredients:

Wixon introduced its latest offerings for sauces, dips and condiments. The instant mixes are a convenient way to add distinctive taste to new products or enliven classic recipes. The mixes include:

  • Instant Salted Caramel Sauce: Brown sugar, butter, salt and caramel, plus monk fruit, create an indulgent sauce or condiment. Dip cookies, pretzels, popcorn and even fruit for a sweet treat.
  • Instant Sriracha Pizza Sauce: This seasoning blends tomato, salt and vinegar with paprika, garlic, onion and red pepper for a pizza pie with heat. Or use the sauce as a topping for toast, English muffins and more.
  • Instant Taco Pizza Sauce: Zesty flavors of tomato, onion, paprika, and other spices deliver an easy topping with a taco twist.

Arla Foods Ingredients launched Nutrilac® Ageless, a new whey protein + calcium ingredient that enables dairy companies to create yogurts and desserts for active seniors. Older people tend to be more focused on maintaining good health than younger shoppers, presenting an opportunity for dairy companies to develop products that help them live their lives to the full.

Bell Flavors and Fragrances launched a new line of fresh culinary herbs that can take a classic application and reinvent its profile by infusing any of these fresh flavors.

“Bell’s fresh herb flavors capture the authentic character of a natural herb—from the delicate nuances of watercress to the woody, fragrant notes found in the fresh rosemary," said Gary Czosek, senior savory flavorist.

A few of the fresh herbs include:

  • Cilantro: freshly pungent grassy, green aroma with hints of soapy lemongrass
  • Kaffir Lime Leaves: zesty green herbaceousness with a unique blend of citrus oil, terpenes and green aromas
  • Mint: a cooling bold spearmint aroma
  • Rosemary: resinous, buttery aroma with beautiful hints of green, bitter citrus and wood
  • Thai Holy Basil: different than sweet basil, it has a savory yet sweet aroma with strong notes of licorice
  • Thyme: very fresh, herbaceous aroma with notes of pine and lemon

TABASCO® Industrial Ingredients introduced TABASCO® brand Spray Dry Flavor— concentrated flavor enhancer that delivers the signature taste of aged TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce in a convenient dry format. Made with tabasco pepper mash, salt and premium distilled vinegar and maltodextrin, TABASCO brand Spray Dry Flavor brings new dimensions to a wide variety of applications without adding moisture.

It can be used to elevate flavor in a variety of applications, including baked goods, batters and breadings, beverages, marinades, dry rubs, dressings, seasoning blends, sauces, soups and more. Made up of fine flavor particles that allow for greater surface contact and flavor distribution, Spray Dry provides the fermented aged notes unique to TABASCO brand products. It’s completely soluble for easy applications and better surface adhesion.

It’s kosher, gluten-free, fat-free and low-sodium, and halal certified. McIlhenny Company recommends using 0.15 percent to 1 percent of Spray Dry in finished products and 2.5 percent to 15 percent in seasoning bases.

New Product:

Ozery Bakery launched pre-sliced Soft Ciabatta Thins, available in Multi-Grain and Chia and authentic Sourdough varieties. They are non-GMO certified, vegan, low-fat, cholesterol and preservative-free.

Ozery's Multi-Grain variety uses chia seeds along with cracked wheat, rye, barley, oats, crushed flax and sunflower seeds to increase the omega-3 content while providing 8 g of fiber per serving. Similarly, the Sourdough has the authentic tang you would expect and toasts up to a satisfying crackly crunch.

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