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Means to aging gently: Leaning into the holistic approach with naturally powerful ingredients

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Consumers are looking at holistic approaches toward healthy aging, and products that include natural, functional ingredients are hitting the market to meet the demand.

In its simplest state, aging is the gradual breakdown of the body’s cellular systems. The great debate is how to treat this natural life condition as it starts to occur or, dare say, make it more pleasant. As many experts have noted, aging is an inevitable result of various complex factors, environments and inherited conditions. But to no end, nutrition plays a vital role in success when seeking a path to healthier aging.

Compelling ingredients—collagen, CBD, carotenoids, flavonoid-rich berries and enzymes—are intersecting with a few of the most common ailments of aging: aches and pains, cardiovascular concerns, mental and neurological disorders, degrading immunity, and aging of skin, hair and nails.

Collagen, though not entirely new, has come into its own over the past few years with expanded and more accessible product offerings. And with CB, even in its current uncertain regulatory state, analysts are pegging major growth for the product category.

Flavonoids, which are ancient in origin but still somewhat of a new ingredient to consumer, can help bodies balance inflammation-centered conditions. Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compounds (RBACs) are natural polysaccharides that have shown benefits in individuals with compromised immune systems.

And when it comes to skin wellness and new delivery formats, ingestible products are growing in demand, either as an alternative to, or a complement for, topical products, consumer research shows.

In a world filled with natural healing sources, active ingredients are often uncovered. Therein lies the challenge, to efficiently and effectively extract the inherent qualities in order to utilize them as a tool for preventative and systematic support during the aging process.

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