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iWi Launches Vegan Omega-3 Supplements

iWi New Mexico Algae Farm
Vegan line of Omega-3 supplements launched with actress Beth Dover from “Orange is the New Black,” starring in the ad campaign.

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 Pictured above is iWi’s New Mexico algae farm.


In conjunction with World Ocean Day 2018, Friday, June 8, iWi, an algae-based nutrition brand, launched its full line of vegan omega-3 supplements including an omega-3 complex, DHA and EPA. iWi products can be purchased at Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe and Sprouts Farmers Market.

iWi’s supplements are made from sustainably farmed and harvested algae in the arid landscape of the American Southwest, rather than from fish or krill. Each farm uses little more than saltwater and sunshine to produce its algae, in which a new crop can be produced every single day. What’s more, consumers can trace iWi’s ingredients from start to finish.

“Our purpose is to create sustainable food solutions for the planet and everyone on it—not only through highly sustainable algae that is good for our bodies and environment, but also through nurturing relationships between our farms and the surrounding communities,” Miguel Calatayud, CEO, iWi, said in a press release.

To get the word out, the brand’s ad campaign stars actress Beth Dover, who plays Linda on the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.”

Looking to the future, iWi plans to create new products, including protein products in 2019. This seems to be the next logical step, as iWi’s algae are more than 35 percent protein by mass and contain all the essential and branch chain amino acids, making it a complete protein.

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