Healthy INSIDER Podcast 82: Nephure Novel Oxalate-Degrading Enzyme

In this podcast, INSIDER's Steve Myers talks to Nephure CEO Helena Cowley about a new novel enzyme ingredient that helps remove oxalate from foods and beverages.

A low-oxalate diet, such as in urinary tract or kidney health situations, can be difficult to maintain, as the oxalate content of food or beverage is not always apparent. Nephure is the first oxalate-degrading enzyme product on the market and is designed to help food and beverage manufacturers to remove oxalate. INSIDER’s Steve Myers spoke with Nephure CEO Helena Cowley during Ingredient Marketplace 2017 to learn more about this new ingredient.

This podcast will cover:

  • How oxalate affects certain people, including calcium levels in urinary tract and kidney patients.
  • How this novel enzyme ingredient works to remove oxalate.
  • When and how this oxalate-degrading ingredient will be available.
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