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Exploring hemp’s minor cannabinoids – CBD (and THC) aren’t the half of it – podcast

There is more to the hemp plant than CBD and THC. Perhaps more than 100 other cannabinoids are present in the plant, as well as aromatic terpenes and other compounds. Dig in!

Research is only in its infancy in cannabinoid research, though it is clear they have benefit. The future may portend new tricks in product formulation. Yes, we will continue to discover new individual cannabinoids, a la CBD isolate that’s been approved as a pharmaceutical drug by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. We will also see blending combinations of individual cannabinoids. We will also see increased research on the so-called entourage effect--the mixture of all the cannabinoids inside the cannabis plant—even, yes, with THC. There will also be deeper looks at the terpenes. And also, the blending of hemp with complementary botanicals. The future is truly wide open. Join Informa senior editor Todd Runestad as he takes a deep dive into the hemp fields with Jason Mitchell, co-founder and president of hemp pioneering company HempFusion, as they look beyond CBD and go into:

  • Why is CBG not only an emerging cannabinoid but is in fact the mother of all cannabinoids?
  • Beta-caryophyllene and the aromatic terpenes.
  • CBD is not ‘more is better.’ CBD is ‘better is better.’ It’s not about how much you take, it’s did it work?

Jason Mitchell will be moderating a SupplySide webinar, “Hemp cannabinoids: CBD (and THC) aren’t the half of it" on Tuesday, June 30th. 

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