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The complex world of the microbiome – product development guide

The complex world of the microbiome – product development guide
Maintaining healthy microbial balance in the gut microbiome with quality and science-backed ingredients.

There has been perhaps no greater advancement in the understanding of the human body than that of the microbiome. Comprised of an estimated 100 trillion bacteria, fungi, eukaryotes, and other microscopic organisms in the human body, the microbiome is now understood to be essential to human health. A healthy microbiome has profound effects on immune health, body composition, stress management, mood, and much more.

An entire industry has arisen in recent years thanks to these discoveries focused on supporting a healthy microbiome through prebiotics, probiotics, and the relatively new category of synbiotics. Nutrition Business Journal data shows that the category grew 11.9% in 2020 to reach $2.6 billion. Though growth slowed in 2021, the sector is still growing, and is projected to remain part of mainstream health and nutrition markets for years to come.

Download the latest product development guide to see how products supporting microbiome health have evolved over the years and explore some of the most innovative and top quality ingredients from suppliers who are experts in this strong market.

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