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Butyrate generation for gut health and beyond – infographic

Butyrate generation for gut health and beyond – infographic
Next-generation prebiotics generate butyrate more efficiently to improve whole body wellness

Whole-body wellness begins in the gut. It affects almost every aspect of the body from Cognitive to Immune health. However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to digestive health – until now!

ButyraGen™ is a Next Generation Prebiotic that raises the bar on gut health through direct butyrate generation, independent of the state of the microbiome. ButyraGen™ delivers benefits as a stand-alone, low-dose prebiotic, or in combination with probiotics to further enhance the health benefits of the probiotic strains. Butyrate is a key SCFA postbiotic which has been shown to be critical for gut health, as well as cell signaling and gut-related effects on other organs such as the gut-brain axis. 

Download this infographic from NutriScience to see how ButyraGen™ works and how it plays an important role in gut health for whole body wellness.

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