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Best nutrient delivery innovation product finalists for 2019 NEXTY Awards at SupplySide West

A collagen candy, pack of vitamins and anti-hangover capsule are among the finalists in the best nutrient delivery innovation category vying for the 2019 NEXTY Awards at SupplySide West.

The NEXTY Awards at SupplySide West recognize innovation, inspiration and integrity across a range of finished product categories—from condition-specific supplements and nutrient delivery innovation to functional food/beverage and brand storytelling. Eligible products must have been launched to the U.S. consumer market between summer 2018 and July 31, 2019.

Known for the last seven years as the SupplySide West Editor’s Choice Awards, in 2019 the ECAs have been rebranded as the NEXTY Awards at SupplySide West. This evolution embraces the industry recognition of the NEXTY brand as a symbol of excellence and further aligns the SupplySide and Natural Products Expo events.

From stick delivery systems to gummies, nutrient delivery formats are becoming increasingly diverse. The following products are finalists in the category of best nutrient delivery innovation. 


Collagen Candy from Reserveage Nutrition features a candy-style stick delivery system of collagen that does not require water or mixing. The company's research shows women are suffering pill fatigue and are feeling tired of drinks as well, due to so many nutritional powders requiring mixing into a beverage. "That's the beauty of Collagen Candy," the company says. A woman can obtain a full serving of absorbable collagen that Reserveage Nutrition describes as "convenient, delicious and fun." Collagen Candy is free of sugar, gluten or dairy; it contains 10 calories per stick; and it is paleo and keto diet friendly. 


Muscle Builder Gummies from Hilo Nutrition incorporate HMB, a popular ingredient typically available in capsule or powder. Hilo Nutrition says people work out more when they are having a good time, but it's no fun cleaning out shakers and messy powders or taking pills. By combining with the probiotic BC30, Hilo Muscle Builder Gummies are an attractive alternative to the typical muscle building powders and pills on the market. The product is kosher-, vegan- and allergen-free.  



Listerine Ready! Tabs from Johnson & Johnson Consumer are chewable tablets that turn from solid to liquid in seconds. The company says this enables the product to reach the entire oral cavity. Based on Zapliq technology developed by Fertin Pharma, the product offers a unique mouth-feel sensation. Johnson & Johnson says the vast majority of people agree Listerine Ready! Tabs leave their entire mouth feeling as clean as brushing and rinsing at home. 


Vitalmins from Reckitt Benckiser Group (RB) are a total wellness package of personalized vitamins. The vitamins are delivered to consumers' unique health goals and diet habits. RB's virtual, health optimization solution, perfected over six years of research at the University of Miami, is supported by numerous peer-reviewed medical articles and test data from thousands of individuals, including professional and Olympic athletes, according to RB. 


Zero Hour Detox (ZeroHD) is intended to be taken while consuming alcohol and help limits the effects of a hangover. The product incorporates glutathione, what ZeroHD describes as "the Holy Grail of alcohol detoxification for years." According to the company, taking ZeroHD when you drink supports your body’s efforts to remove alcohol and other toxins from your system. 

One winner in each category will be announced Friday, Oct. 18, from 12:30 to 1 p.m., on the SupplySide Central Stage (booth #5759) at SupplySide West 2019, held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Click the following link to learn more or to register for SupplySide West. A display case showcasing all the finalists’ products will be available in the Expo Hall. Visit this link for the full list of categories and finalists.

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