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Cause and effect: Immunity demand and innovation

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Pandemic-driven buying has led to a surge in supplements that support immune system health, and formulators are taking key ingredients like elderberry, zinc, and vitamins C and D and discovering new ways to deliver them.

The pandemic-propelled explosion of the immune health category has been met with a bevy of fresh supplement SKUs and ingredient offerings, to meet incredible new demand.

But, alas, it would be a mistake to confuse popularity with effectiveness. Quality-focused brands and ingredient companies are creating innovative, efficacious immunity products that embrace novel delivery formats and unique combinations of proven vitamins and botanicals.

And the category is stronger for it.

It’s likely no ingredient resonated with supplement buyers during the pandemic as much as elderberry, as brands raced to secure ever-more-scarce supply of the red-hot botanical.

Vitamin C has always been the consumer go-to when it comes to boosting immunity, and it’s no different in the current pandemic-based buying environment.

Innovation in delivery of vitamin C is the hallmark of another original product, Neuro-C from BrainMD, which also leans on liposomal delivery.

While ingredients like elderberry, zinc and vitamins C and D have won the lion’s share of recent attention, the complexity of the body’s immune response system means many compounds are in play for supplement makers looking to dent the burgeoning market.

Also, the links between probiotic use and immune support are still emerging and encouraging, and often are being marketed in children’s products.

One of the outgrowths of pandemic buying as it relates to immune health is consumer desire to make immune system support more of a regular ritual, and less dependent on seasonality, as was previously the case. In that vein, products that provide daily immune support across numerous delivery formats have found their lane.

Daily ritual as it relates to immunity is the impetus behind some trendy “shot” products, which combine convenience with powerful formulation.

And, If anything, the surge in immune health demand has led to product development across a wide range of delivery formats.

“With the immune system support surge, SIRIO Pharma has noticed an uptick in demand for gummies, softgels, chewables and effervescent tablets," noted Karla Acevedo, marketing manager. The company’s capabilities when it comes to immune support format include gummies, traditional and VeggieSoft® softgels, capsules, tablets, powders and functional beverages, she said.

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