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Unigen and Institute of Chinese Materia Medica Collaborate on DNA Barcoding of PhytoLogix plants

<p>Unigen is partnering with China&rsquo;s top tier Institute of Chinese Materia Medica to complete DNA barcoding of botanicals and marines in Unigen&rsquo;s proprietary PhyoLogix collection. </p>

Press Release

Unigen is partnering with China’s top tier Institute of Chinese Materia Medica to complete DNA barcoding of botanicals and marines in Unigen’s proprietary PhyoLogix™ collection. The 2-year project began late 2016, placing Unigen at the forefront of the industry’s pursuit of a suite of standards for barcoding data, as well as standards of proof and extract.

Completion of the project will establish one of the most extensive global DNA barcoding databases for herbal identification, according to Dr. Qi Jia, Unigen’s Chief Science Officer.

“Unigen is extremely pleased to be collaborating with the institute’s notable team of research scientists, among them a recipient of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine,” said Dr. Jia.

The Institute of Chinese Materia Medica is renowned for its research capabilities in herbal identification, chemistry, quality standards, processing, preparation, pharmacology, toxicology and R&D. The institute’s invention of DNA barcoding technology to identify plants in TCM was recognized as a major component in its receipt of the 2016 National Science and Technology Award in China.

DNA barcoding aligns solidly with Unigen’s focus on continual development and data expansion, value and credibility of its PhyoLogix™ library. “DNA sequencing technology will provide botanical and marine species identification,” said Dr. Jia, “as well as genetic fingerprinting, a cutting-edge authentication methodology utilized by regulatory, government agencies and the botanical drug and DSHEA industry.”

The Institute of Chinese Materia Medica will benefit by expanding its DNA data scope of plant and marine materials. Unigen will submit 8000 plants and marines for DNA barcoding from its PhytoLogix™ library.

“DNA barcoding of Unigen’s PhyoLogix™ library will enhance the quality and value of Unigen’s collection and strengthen the relationship with our existing partners,” emphasized Dr. Jia. Customer partnerships will benefit from Unigen’s turn-key discovery screening service. Unigen has signed an agreement with one of its leading customers to use the Phytologix™ technology to discover and develop novel materials.

[NOTE: For additional information on this comprehensive DNA barcoding of Unigen’s PhytoLogix™ library, visit with Dr. Jia at SupplySide West 2017, September 27-28, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV. Unigen Booth LL129]

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