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CBD and Hemp Extracts: How Do We Move Forward? Workshop - LIVE from SupplySide West!

Join us here on Wednesday, November 7, from 1:30-4:30 PST when we will be LIVE STREAMING the CBD workshop direct from our SupplySide West show in Las Vegas!

What do you do when the biggest natural product in the history of natural products comes knocking on the front door of your business? Now what do you do when said product is illegal in the eyes of Uncle Sam?

Ahh, there’s the rub!

Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) is sweeping the country from coast to coast, and there’s no shortage of cannapreneurs and natural products industry veterans who are jumping in with both feet.

On the other hand, there are those who are still watching from the sidelines, what with the laws on the books that still declare CBD illegal.

So many legal issues to consider! So much assessments of your risk tolerance! One strategy is to lawyer up and cross your fingers. Another is to lobbyist up and change laws. Another is to get your sourcing down and then out-market your competition. And oh, is there ever competition!

The SupplySide West workshop, “CBD and Hemp Extracts: How Do We Move Forward?” has gathered two business geniuses along with four industry lawyers—with very different opinions—who can help you in this blockbuster category.

These experts will dig in to issues from raising capital to banking issues and dealing with merch accounts. They’ll talk about product formulations and approaching new distribution channels.

They’ll get into the weeds on the DEA lawsuit, the FDA thinking, and whether Congress will pass the Farm Bill—and if that will settle once and for all the legal conundrum with hemp.

And we’ve purposely set aside a huge chunk of time to allow the audience to ask the lawyers and marketers for what works, what didn’t, what might, and what shouldn’t.

From Colorado, we have Tim Gordon, president of Functional Remedies. From California, we have Stuart Tomc, VP of human nutrition at CV Sciences.

From the legal bar, we have Bob Hoban from the Hoban Law Group who argued the hemp industry’s case in front of the 9th Circuit. We have Ashish Talati, whose firm, Amin Talati Upadyhe, represents dozens of hemp companies. We have Jim Prochnow, of Greenberg Traurig, who deals with the FDA all day every day. And Todd Harrison, from the D.C. firm Venable, who is not quite so bullish on the prospects.

All in all, we have assembled a sharp, smart and informed crew that will help you understand where and how you can succeed in the hemp business.


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