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Caron Announces New Plant Growth Chambers

<p>Caron, a manufacturer of environmental chambers, announced the next generation of Plant Growth Chambers. The new chambers will come in bigger sizes with new features.</p>

MARIETTA, Ohio—Caron Products & Services, a manufacturer of environmental chambers, announced the next generation of its Plant Growth Chambers. The new products, made of stainless steel, are available in two-door (50 cu. ft.) and three-door (75 cu. ft.) capacities and extend the product line beyond the current 25 and 33 cu. ft. offerings.

The new series offers a broader product range for additional applications, including: general plant growth experiments (shrubs, horticulture, crops), plant production, lighting for vascular plants, plant pathology, plant morphology, plant tissue culture, seed development, algae production, genetic studies involving arabidopsis, pharmaceutical development of cannabis and medicinal plants, plant physiology, plant biochemistry, plant molecular biology and more.

"Our customers have requested extra large capacity plant growth chambers to improve their workspace capacity and efficiency, and our engineers responded with these innovative, high quality units," said Steve Keiser, Caron chairman. "As with other Caron products, they were designed to perform in tight performance ranges, with high energy efficiency and a long, trouble free life."

The new products, which include six Plant Growth Chamber models and four Arabidopsis/Algae Chamber models, have light intensities up to 1,200 &#956;moles/m2/s, growth height capacities up to 50.5 inches, multi-tier models and a wide temperature operating range. There are options and accessories to choose from including dimmable/programmable lights, humidity control and chlorophyll-matching lamps. The chambers also feature a user-friendly and intuitive 7-inch color touchscreen that can be operated with gloves on. The control panel features a status center that provides information updates, including a change lamp alert to keep track of lamp life. The new chambers include Caron's key features such as gLux energy efficient lamp and gROD refrigeration on demand. New features include magnetic, self-closing doors with locks and front access to the electrical board and air filter, for easy maintenance.

“Our products incorporate unmatched performance for repeatable, reliable results, energy efficient technologies that yield real cost savings and customer convenient features that enhance everyday operations," Keiser said.

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