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Beating the Heart Health Market

<p>Ingredient innovations and scrupulous sourcing have helped the heart health market move forward to hit its highest sales yet.</p>

The heart health supplement market is vast and varied. Hundreds of products exist on the market. Manufacturers can choose from scores of ingredients with reported heart health benefits to incorporate and combine.

Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E (tocotrienols), vitamin B (niacin), CoQ10, resveratrol, flax oils, chia seed oils and phytosterols are some of the most well-known of these nutraceuticals. Most of these subjects have withstood repeated clinical trials and demonstrated their efficacy in supporting cardiovascular health.

However, new research or notable side effects may sometimes force consumers to reevaluate an ingredient, which has been the case with resveratrol and niacin. Fortunately, ingredient innovation can also help fill the gap in the situation where a well-established ingredient loses its momentum. Pterostilbene and nicotinimide riboside have similarities to resveratrol and niacin respectively, but stand to show greater efficacy than their counterparts. They also signal a trend toward differentiated, powerful ingredients that operate at lower doses. This improves delivery and promotes more effective form factors.

Choosing a supplier that favors ingredient innovation also increases the reputability of the product because such partners are more likely to comply with good manufacturing practices (GMPs), and they are also ready to supply clinical evidence of safety, efficacy and bioavailability.

For more tips and advice for entering the market, read INSIDER’s Heart Health Buyers Guidebook.

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