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The supplement strategies of mental wellness – product development guide

The supplement strategies of mental wellness – product development guide
A world of cognitive health solutions with top quality, innovative ingredients awaits.

In a climate ruled by stress, anxiety, and other mental health maladies, cognitive health has become intrinsically linked with whole body health. Along with the stressors of daily life, age remains one of the primary causes of natural decline in brain function. Fortunately, a growing number of consumers are taking proactive measures to optimize brain health along with their whole body health.

Among these measures are supplements designed to promote cognitive and mental health. Both categories, which Nutrition Business Journal tracks separately, have surged in recent years. Brain health supplement sales that support cognitive function increased 6.3% to $1 billion, with another 4.8% jump in 2021. Mental health and mood supplements shot up even more, with a 29.4% increase in 2020 and a 12.5% increase in 2021.

Download this product development guide to get a glimpse of the rapidly growing brain health supplement market and see how top ingredient suppliers ensure their offerings are of the highest quality and efficacy for formulators looking to help their customers take care of their mental health.


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