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Supplement Perspectives

A Statistical Interlude from SPINS

<p>OK, you want cold, hard proof that consumers want products free of allergens and made for their dietary needs? Check out these numbers from SPINS.</p>

Every once in a while, I find it beneficial to check in with SPINS--all together now, a leading information provider for the Natural and Specialty Products Industry--to get a marketplace overview of some aspect in the natural products industry. Usually, I'll add a few thoughts that (I hope) explain the data in a useful way.

This time, however, the stats do all the talking.

I requested some sales information in several categories pertaining to allergies and dietary restrictions. The numbers below represent sales in all departments--think food, body, etc. As you can see, this represents just how important organic, vegan, and all the rest are to consumers. These are not fads or niche markets. We're talking about billion-dollar categories that are showing robust growth. For a manufacturer, it's at least worth taking a long look at. Right?

I should have something from NMI's Diane Ray--a terrific sources, by the way--next week that will illuminate consumer behavior. Until now, get a load of these numbers, and leave a comment if you'd like. Have a great weekend.


Natural Supermarkets (excluding Whole Foods), Specialty Supermarkets, Conventional Multi Outlet


SPINSscan Natural, SPINSscan Specialty Gourmet, SPINSscan Conventional (Powered by IRI)

52 weeks ending 10/5/14

52 weeks ending 10/6/13

$ % Chg

Total US - Combined Channel


Current sales: $1,453,935,584

Previous sales: $1,253,265,318

16.0% increase

Vegetarian Diet Fed

Current sales: $1,903,778,098

Previous sales: $1,611,772,085

18.1% increase

Allergen Free Labeled

Current sales: $113,312,528

Previous sales: $87,548,299

29.4% increase

70%+ Organic

Current sales: $11,924,308,343

Previous sales: $10,472,370,714

13.9% increase

Gluten Free (Labeled and Certified)



14.6% increase

Certified Gluten Free Cert Organization



2.1% increase  


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