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Sports nutrition prep and recovery

Article-Sports nutrition prep and recovery

The use of targeted ingredients before and after exercise is vital for maximizing peak performance and end results.

If nutritional support is inadequate, the demands of training can dramatically increase the amount of stress and tissue breakdown that occurs. This can then reduce the body’s ability to properly adapt, contributing to the risk for injury, fat deposition and decreased muscle mass, as well as decreased mental, physical and emotional energy levels.  

Before training

Training starts well before scheduled exercise time. Preparing in advance is crucial to success. A pre-workout formula that contains research-supported ingredients at the correct, full dosages can go a long way toward helping push results to the next level. A pre-performance supplement can make all the difference in the world, but it’s necessary to understand which specific ingredients in a formula kickstart a particular process.

For example, a muscle-growth formula will include ingredients that stimulate protein synthesis. The same idea applies whether the goal is strength, endurance, focus, stamina, energy or aerobic capacity.

Ribose is a carbohydrate molecule that provides every cell in the body with energy. It facilitates the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that is the primary source of energy for all cellular processes. The heart, muscles and other vital tissues do not make ribose quickly, and it is not stored in tissues and cells.

In addition, acetyl L-carnitine (ALC), glycine propionyl L-carnitine (GPC) and L-phenylalanine help improve performance if taken before a workout.

Even the best workout can be sabotaged by not properly planning for recovery. A recovery routine after training is just as important as the exercise portion. Getting stronger, faster and building muscle aren’t just about the workout. Planned recovery and downtime are essential. High-quality proteins and other amino acid sources are required to rebuild muscle tissue and to supply the building blocks for various cells, tissues, enzymes and hormones.

Learn more about ingredients that boost sports recovery and preparation in INSIDER’s Sports Nutrition: Before and After Digital Magazine.

Jack Grogan is chief science officer for Uckele Health & Nutrition. He is a recognized expert in hair mineral analysis, a valuable tool in determining the causes of nutritional imbalances or deficiencies. With considerable experience in the fields of biology, biochemistry and nutrition, Grogan has been influential in the development of hundreds of proprietary nutritional formulas and programs.

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