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Research Shows Ways to Improve Stevia Flavor

Article-Research Shows Ways to Improve Stevia Flavor

<p>Sensus, a supplier of inulin and oligofructose, tested ways to improve the after-taste of stevia in yogurt with their product Frutalose L85.</p>

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J.The use of stevia in food and beverage products in increasing, though there is some hesitation to introduce more products because of stevia's flavor profile. Stevia can have a bitter or liquorice after-taste. Research performed by Sensus has shown that oligofructose (Frutalose L85 by Sensus) can improve the taste profile of stevia, when used together in food products. Frutalose L85 is a water soluble prebiotic dietary fiber with a sweet taste that is extracted from the chicory root.

 The uses of Frutalose L85, sugar and stevia were investigated in plain yogurt as the application with the objective to reduce sugar level without compromising the taste. A sensory test was set up using an internal panel of 21 members that were trained on the attributes of the ingredients. Twenty-six recipes with altered combinations of stevia, Frutalose L85 and sugar were tested in four recipes, which resulted in an average amount of 42 observations per attribute per recipe. Sugar had a significant effect on the bitter and liquorice after-tastes of stevia.

The addition of Frutalose L85 showed even more of a reduction in liquorice and bitter tastes in stevia . Frutalose L85 also showed a maximum reduction of sugar, while not compromising the taste (a 45 percent reduction in sugar while still maintaining a high sweetness level).. Sensus plans to conduct more research the effects of oligofructose, sugar and stevia in other food applications.

Sensus is a supplier of inulin and oligofructose. These ingredients are sourced from chicory roots and used as sugar and fat replacers, without compromising taste and texture.

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