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Probiotic Use in Sports Nutrition

Article-Probiotic Use in Sports Nutrition

<p>Research has shown probiotics help athletes boost immunity and increase recovery, catching attention of consumers and brand owners interested in this innovative area of sports nutrition.</p>

The nutraceutical industry has started to explore—and embrace—the crossroads where probiotics and sports nutrition meet. Researchers and opportunity seekers have made it clear that probiotics may play a leading role in shaping the sports nutrition supplements of tomorrow.

Research has shown that in the hours after intense exercise, the body will often experience a physiological phenomenon known as the “window of immunosuppression." As its name suggests, it’s during this window of suppressed immune activity that athletes are more susceptible to certain types of upper respiratory infections (URTIs) like the common cold.(Nutr Rev. 2008 Jun;66(6):310-20)

Researchers from the University of Florida found a patented lactobacillus strain, Lactobacillus helveticus Lafti L10 (from Lallemand Human Health), had a significant effect on the intensity and duration of symptoms.(Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2016 Jul;41(7):782-9)

In a 2016 study, researchers from Cleveland-based Ganeden reported Ganeden BC30, also known as Bacillus coagulant GBI-30, 6086, showed increases in recovery speed when compared to the protein control group at both the 24- and 72-hour marks.(PeerJ. 2016 Jul 21;4:e2276)

These studies (and others like it) have demonstrated clear links between certain aspects of athletic performance and the introduction of probiotic strains alongside traditional sports nutrition supplements.

Learn more about these studies and more information on probiotic’s effects on human health in INSIDER’s Probiotic Ingredient Science Digital Magazine.

Melissa DellaBartolomea is a content marketing specialist for NutraScience Labs. Based in Farmingdale, New York, NutraScience Labs is dedicated to providing companies and brand owners with excellent customer service and a full suite of dietary supplement manufacturing capabilities.

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