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The New Frontier for Claims: The Disease-ification of Anxiety, Mood & Sleep - Webinar

The New Frontier for Claims: The Disease-ification of Anxiety, Mood & Sleep - Webinar
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The COVID pandemic has caused consumers to pay even more attention to their own mental wellbeing—sleep, relaxation, how they handle stress and anxiety, energy and focus, even mental sharpness. All signs point to substantial market opportunities for dietary supplements in these categories.

At the same time, FDA is closely scrutinizing supplement claims in these areas. And some retailers and online platforms are imposing their own limitations on these claims. If pharma companies succeed in “disease-ifying” the conditions as more than responses to everyday life, structure/functions claims could get recast as disease claims instead. What claims can marketers make for the collection of mental being claims?

This cutting edge webinar will explore:

  • Market overview of consumer interest in mental wellbeing
  • Recent FDA enforcement for impermissible mental health claims
  • Recent research on ingredients with benefits for stress, relaxation and mood
  • Best practices for navigating claims restrictions in this area
  • Unique challenges for designing clinical trials to demonstrate mental wellbeing benefits

Don’t miss this opportunity to relieve your stress and sharpen your focus on this fast growing category!

Join us to hear from these experts:

  • Katie Bond, Partner, Lathrop GPM LLP
  • Brenda Van Goethem, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Nature's Way
  • Claire Morton Reynolds, Senior Industry Analyst, Nutrition Business Journal
  • Barry Skillington, Chief Commercial Officer, Atlantia Clinical Trials Ltd.

Moderated by:

  • Megan Olsen, Vice President and Associate General Counsel, CRN

Join us live on Wednesday, September 15th at 2:00 pm ET

$149 for non member, $99 for members

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