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Nature's Formulary Website Crosses a Milestone

Nature’s Formulary launched Dosha test on their website and more than 110,000 have downloaded personalized lifestyle plans in 12 months.

One year ago, Nature’s Formulary launched a new feature on the very popular Dosha test on their website. Visitors can take the Dosha test and download (or receive by e-mail) a lifestyle plan customized for their Dosha combination! In the last 12 months, more than 110,000 people have taken advantage of this. The customized report describes the physical and emotional make up of the person and suggests a daily lifestyle plan of herbs, foods and exercise to stay balanced and healthy. It also talks about what signs and health conditions to watch for if their Dosha is going out of balance, along with what to do get back to a healthier state.

“The Dosha test feature has been part of our website form the start; we estimate that more than 700,000 people have used this tool to improve their health in the last decade,” according to P. K. Davé, Founder and CEO. “We all know that integrating herbal therapy WITH lifestyle changes yields significantly better health results. We provide the tools for everyone to take charge of their own health by living a time-tested Ayurvedic lifestyle”.

A spokesperson for Nature’s Formulary said, “Our website has been specifically designed to be a great destination not just for buying products but also for Ayurvedic lifestyle suggestions and educational tools.”

The URL of the Dosha test is:

The company’s marketing team listed several website features that people use:

  • The ever popular Dosha test provides a customized report for results
  • Selecting Nature’s Formulary products that work hand in hand with diet and exercise
  • Shop by health condition or shop by Dosha or for the product straight away
  • View video on Yoga for each Dosha
  • Suggested recipes of foods for each Dosha
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