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April 5, 2012

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Introducing Inflammation

Man, what a foreboding title.

Inflammation comes in many guises. There's the common definition that most of the public knows, which ties into joint pain and destroys fantasy baseball teams. Inflammation's good side helps with healing. But its dark side is pitch black, the driver for a number of diseases. 

And with obesity still plaguing the United States, there's this good news from a 2008 paper from the Weill Cornell Medical College:

Over the past two decades, inflammation has been recognized as a major driver in the pathogenesis of several common diseases [e.g., diabetes, asthma]...Over the same period, there has been a steep rise in the incidence of obesity, a major risk factor for these disorders. Inflammation of adipose tissue is now recognized to accompany obesity and contribute to its sequelae. Thus, whereas obesity is primarily a disorder of energy balance, it may be helpful to consider it also as a form of epidemic inflammation that predisposes to other forms of epidemic inflammation

Clearly, inflammation needs to be addressed from several areas, and I hope the next month will provide such a well-rounded, insightful perspective. Dr. C. Leigh Broadhurst will passionately expand upon the obesity-inflammation correlation. Prepare for a lot of discussions on healthy fats (Marc Lemay, as always, has a thoughtful perspective), the right and wrong foods to eat (courtesy of Dr. Michael Smith, M.D., at Life Extension), and much more.  

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