Farmacist Healings Lumaxon Features Cognizin and Suntheanine

<p>Farmacist Healing&#8217;s debut product Lumaxon&#8482; features Cognizin&#174; and Suntheanine&#174;.</p>

NEW YORK—Farmacist Healing’s debut product Lumaxon™ features Cognizin® and Suntheanine®. Lumaxon is a supplement with a proprietary blend of B1, B6, and B12 vitamins with taurine, matcha, Cognizin citicoline, Ginkgo biloba extract, caffeine and Suntheanine l-theanine.

“As pharmacists we work long hours that require focus, memory, and extreme attention to detail. As organic gardeners, we like to keep things simple," said Raul Serna, PharmD and CFO of Farmacist Healthing. “Therefore, it was only natural that our first product, Lumaxon™, should help enhance the brain’s abilities of sustained focus, memory building, concentration and overall cognition using only naturally derived substances."

Cognizin is Kyowa Hakko’s branded form of citicoline, which has been clinically proven to assist with regulating memory and cognitive functions , improve visual function, support metabolism and brain activity, and maintain a healthy cellular mitochondria  for sustained energy. Last year Cognizin was featured in Piping Rock’s Recall Elements.

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