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Antioxidants for immune health

Research shows several key antioxidants found in whole foods and manufactured products can offer ways to boost the body's immunity against bacteria and infections.

Disease and infection stand less of a chance for survival when the body receives immune-boosting antioxidants, whether through nutrient-laden fruits or supplements packed with vitamins. The primary role of antioxidants is to maintain prime immunity by protecting against harmful free radicals. Beta-glucans, vitamin E, zinc and garlic are well-known among consumers to help them ensure proper immune health.

Various membranes such as skin and mucous membranes add layers of protection, forming barriers blocking potential bacteria, allergens and viruses from entering the immune system. Immune cells, also known as leukocytes, act as the initial layer of defense. Among these, monocytes become either macrophages, which in turn consume pathogens, and activate T-lymphocytes. Feeding the body with proper nutrition can proactively compound protection against dangerous invaders. Failure to protect the body’s immune system can result in colds, the flu and chronic inflammation.

Consumer awareness and interest in personal health is helping stop the spread of germs that attack the body’s immune system. With the help of recent studies and trials, manufacturers are able to better align themselves with the needs of consumers. In addition to nutrient-rich whole foods such as garlic, functional foods and supplements are entering the market as viable weapons against commonly-spread illness.

Manufacturers and suppliers recognize the critical position they are in, and the importance of reaching out to a large crowd of consumers. Industry leaders have researched ways consumers visualize themselves, the products they purchase and a modern way of sharing information: through social media. New methods of delivering products provide fresh practices for manufacturers to utilize and grab consumer’s attention.

Read the full article, “The immune health and inflammation connection," for more on ingredients to support a healthy immune system.

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