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Personal approaches to healthy aging – digital magazine

Personal approaches to healthy aging – digital magazine
Consumers are giving truly thoughtful attention to the idea that their self-care rituals are a powerful way of creating beauty and health from the inside out. The result has been an expanded market for multitasking personal care products with synergistic natural ingredients and innovative new formulas. Collagen peptides, ceramides, niacinamide, glutathione and pearl powder are category leaders, while the plant-based trend continues to drive formula innovation with nutrients and phytochemicals proven to blunt the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory results of the aging process.

Takeaways for Your Business:

  • Products free from parabens, synthetic ingredients and cruel practices are category top sellers.
  • Research on the skin microbiome is revealing the organ’s bacteria is critical to immune health.
  • Many of the leading claims in facial and body care overlap with healthy aging positioning.


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