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Anti-aging scientist IDs ingredient that extends lifespan and healthspan – podcast

AKG Podcast.jpg
A proprietary form of alpha-ketoglutarate led to significant health improvements in mice. What is the potential for human longevity?

The fountain of youth has been sought for centuries. In the last two decades some ingredients—namely resveratrol and NAD+—have gained notoriety for an ability to lengthen the time study organisms live. The question is always whether the natural bioactives work in humans. It’s all but impossible to conduct a 40- or 50-year human clinical trial, so what now? In this Healthy Insider Podcast, senior editor Todd Runestad sits down with veteran anti-aging researcher Brian Kennedy, director of the Center for Healthy Longevity at the National University of Singapore, to discuss:

  • The difference between lifespan and healthspan—and how the latter may be more important.
  • Biomarkers that can be regulated and which contribute to what is known as the biological clock.
  • What alpha-ketoglutarate (LifeAKG) did in study results in a landmark study published Sept. 1in Cell Metabolism.
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