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Ingredion Solution Improves Texture and Affordability of Processed and Imitation Cheeses

Ingredion Incorporated and food scientists working in the global network of Ingredion Idea Labs innovation centers today introduced PRECISA® 604 modified potato starch.

Press Release

Ingredion Incorporated and food scientists working in the global network of Ingredion Idea Labs innovation centers today introduced PRECISA® 604 modified potato starch. The texturizer, first available in the United States, helps manufacturers create affordable processed and imitation cheeses that boast improved shred, melt and stretch in dairy and nondairy applications.

PRECISA 604 modified potato starch provides manufacturers with both performance and margin improvements in formulations of block, sliced and pizza cheeses, as well as vegan alternatives. The ingredient, an extension of Ingredion’s innovative PRECISA series of starches, allows manufacturers to infuse dairy products with rich functional attributes while at the same time reducing and controlling fluctuating ingredient costs.

In proprietary testing, formulations with PRECISA 604 modified potato starch outperformed other commercial starches in both high- and low-protein cheese products. “The challenge for food manufacturers is to maintain or improve gelling, melting and stretching properties in their cheese products without compromising on affordability,” says Mike DiMarcello, director of the global texture springboard at Ingredion. “PRECISA 604 modified potato starch overcomes this challenge and, at the same time, delivers a desirable eating experience across a wide range of processed and imitation cheese products.”

PRECISA 604 modified potato starch is manufactured in the United States, offering efficiencies to customers in North America, says Ivan Gonzales, director of marketing for the North American dairy segment at Ingredion.

“PRECISA 604 modified potato starch leverages our processing technology expertise in a potato base to deliver new and enhanced functionality in processed and imitation cheese applications,” Gonzales says. “The origin of the ingredient allows us to have a positive impact on customer supply chains in the United States and Canada, both in terms of service and also cost when compared to imported materials.”

PRECISA® 604 modified potato starch contributes to a series of cost-efficient PRECISA texturizers, based on corn, tapioca, potato and sago starches. To learn more about PRECISA 604 modified potato starch and other cheese ingredient solutions developed at Ingredion’s Idea Labs™ innovation centers, visit us online at

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