Healthy INSIDER Podcast: Detecting Food Contaminants in the Field

New portable technology allows food contaminants to be discovered in the field easily, quickly and affordably.

The food industry places high priority on health and food safety, so there is a constant need for new and improved technology and products to help achieve these goals. In this episode, Ginger Schlueter, assistant editor, talks with Yair Moneta, head of business development, Inspecto, about the development of the company’s nanoscale, a portable device that detects food contaminants in the field. Recorded on location at the Food Tech conference: Rethinking Food 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel, the conversation explores Inspecto’s successes and challenges in product development, offering advice to industry newcomers and more.

Key points of this podcast include:

  • When creating new technology/products, find a hole in the market and fill it.
  • When launching, the first market should be close to where the company is located.
  • Big players in the food industry have a strong sense of responsibility to consumer health, and seek tools to better maintain a higher standard.
  • Constantly communicate with partners and potential customers to identify and understand exactly what they need, and then, develop answers to those needs.

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