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Issue Summary

Before exercise or competition, active consumers are looking to maximize energy, fill their muscles with nutrients and sharpen their minds for better performance. Pre-workout supplements deliver dietary ingredients researched for cellular energy production, central nervous system stimulation, blood vessel dilation and cognitive support. Post-workout, many athletes are looking beyond generic ingredients in protein shakes and energy bars for sufficient workout recovery. They need highly functional products that can address concerns such as post-workout fatigue, inflammation, muscle damage, weakened immune systems and bone health.

Table of Contents

Viewpoint: The Spaces in Between
by Steve Myers

Ingredients for Pre-Workout Formulation
by Steve Myers

Ingredients for Post-Workout Recovery
by Kate Lloyd

Nutrition Preparation and Recovery Are Essential for Sports Performance
by Jack Grogan

Dosage, Timing & Maximizing Effectiveness of Protein Supplements
by Melissa DellaBartolomea

Carbohydrates for Pre-Workout Nutrition and Recovery
by Hiroki Himeno

Creatine, Protein Drive Pre- and Post-Workout Segment Sales
by Scott Dicker

A Review of Ingredients and Marketing
by Debbie Wildrick

Leaders and Trends in ‘Before and After Performance’ Intellectual Property
by Andreas Baltatzis, Esq. and Gideon Eckhouse, Esq.

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Takeaways for Your Business

  • Pre-workout ingredients such as creatine, carnosine, caffeine, theacrine and beetroot are popular.
  • Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and adaptogenic herbs may aid in protein synthesis and muscle renewal.
  • Nutrition bar sales grew 10.2 percent over last year, representing an estimated US$2 billion market.