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Issue Summary

Vitamin E is making its way beyond dietary supplements into foods, beverages, personal care products and even pet food. However, most consumers are primarily consuming tocopherols, which is only part of the vitamin E story.

Tocotrienols, often sourced from annatto, palm and rice for commercial production, are increasingly showing their mettle in scientific investigations. These vitamin E isomers have positive effects on heart health, inflammation, immune support and much more, and those findings are increasingly being relayed to consumers who are taking control of their health and looking for products that deliver scientifically substantiated ingredients.

This Digital Issue explores the scientific research, market trends and opportunities around tocotrienols, addressing myths and concerns around such issues as pricing and bioavailability, while underscoring the market potential that lies ahead.

Table of Contents

  • Viewpoint: Tocotrienols Poised for Growth
  • Exploring the Robust Future for Tocotrienols–While the vitamin E market has traditionally focused on tocopherols, an increasingly robust body of research is bolstering interest in tocotrienols, while consumer interest and formulation opportunities are poised to further expand the market.
  • Tocotrienols: The Forgotten Vital Bioactive Component of 'Vitamin E'–Taking the time to learn the other half of the vitamin E story can ultimately position your company to take a leadership position in a category ripe for growth. And knowing which tocotrienols have superior attributes and bioactivity in what amounts and combinations will permit you to create vitamin E formulations that can make a difference to consumers.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • A strong body of research substantiates the health effects of tocotrienols in areas such as heart health and immunity
  • Suppliers are offering natural-source tocotrienols with biological activity that allows for product differentiation.
  • New technologies such as solubilization are allowing development of formulation-friendly tocotrienol ingredients