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Team Ribose Member Billy Demong to Compete in Sochi

Article-Team Ribose Member Billy Demong to Compete in Sochi

<p>Billy Demong, a member of Team Ribose, will compete in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Team Ribose is part of Bioenergy Life Science, producer of Bioenergy Ribose, a functional ingredient used for energy functions.</p>

Bioengery Life Science's Team Ribose member Billy Demong will represent the United States in Sochi, Russia in the Winter Olympics. Demong will compete in the Nordic combined events.

Nordic combined events include a ski jumping competition and a 10 km cross-country ski race. The Olympics will feature two individual mens events and a mens team event. The individual event, also called the Gundersen race, happens in two stages. The first stage is a jump from a large or normal hill. The second stage is a 10 km race. In the first part of the team event, each skier jumps on a large hill; the second event is a 4×5 km cross-country relay. The team whose skier crosses the finish line first is the Nordic combined winner. Demong won the individual large hill gold in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the first gold by any American in Nordic combined.

Bioenergy Life Science produces Bioenergy Ribose, a functional ingredient that drives energy maintenance and recovery by making energy compounds and keeping them in muscle cells. It has a negative glycemic index and does not raise blood sugar levels. It is Kosher certified, Halal, allergen-free and non-GMO.

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