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Gut Health Champions in the Making

Article-Gut Health Champions in the Making

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<p>Whether in creative delivery formats, tasty functional foods and beverages, or convenient dosing with a power-packed punch, consumers are increasingly interested in digestive health products to help support the microbiome.</p>

Digestive health has become big business. It’s difficult to determine the impetus. Have consumers always had gut health issues and it’s just becoming socially acceptable to explore the options? Has the internet—coupled with education efforts by brand holders—shed additional light on the subject? Is it that more consumers are seeking products to maintain good health, let alone aid with any irregularities? Or are there just so many new market innovations that consumers can’t help but notice these products during their regular shopping?

Most likely a mix of all of the above, the important takeaway is consumers are increasingly interested in products to help support the microbiome. And although a segment of the market will always gravitate toward familiar fiber powders and probiotic supplements, an entirely new base of consumers is looking for creative delivery formats, tasty functional foods and beverages, or convenient dosing with a power-packed punch.

Now in its 6th year, the SupplySide West CPG Editor’s Choice Awards (ECAs) provides the ideal outlet to celebrate innovation in product development. Featuring nearly 30 categories across supplements, food and beverage, the awards recognize the best in the year’s product launches—as determined by our seasoned staff of health and nutrition editors.

With the increasing formulation capabilities of probiotics and expanding slate of gut health ingredients, digestive health products have become some of the most versatile in the industry. Their flexibility also positions them to qualify in multiple ECA categories. For instance, in addition to digestive health supplements, we’ve seen digestive products fare well in children’s products, coffee/tea, probiotics, breakfast food, salty snacks and animal nutrition. Now that’s exciting!

Although you’re welcome to submit multiple products for consideration, you should select the most applicable category for each product. If you’re unsure of the best fit, simply visit our awards home page and click on the individual categories to find a description, as well as the contact information for the editor. We’d be happy to share our thoughts about which category provides the best opportunity for your unique formulation to shine.

Best of all, the top finalists in each category will be recognized and the winners announced at SupplySide West in Las Vegas—Thursday, Sept. 28 for the supplements categories; and Friday, Sept. 29 for food and beverage. Products from the finalists are displayed on the show floor, and besides bragging rights, the winners are acknowledged on stage, where each receives a personalized trophy. There will be additional media coverage across the SupplySide Health & Nutrition Network brand sites, including photos and discussion of each brand’s unique positioning.

Nominations are open through Friday, July 31, 2017, but don’t delay—although the online application form is fairly concise, we also need two product samples; one for editorial review, and the other for potential display at the show. Good luck!

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