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Colostrum: A multi-faceted approach to optimal digestive health and overall wellbeing – white paper

Colostrum: A multi-faceted approach to optimal digestive health and overall wellbeing – white paper
Download this white paper to learn how colostrum from dairy cows can deliver human health benefits

“Trust your gut”, as the saying goes, could not be more appropriate to describe the myriad external factors that affect our wellbeing.  From potential immune threats, to a stressful job, to a splurge on junk food, we continuously face adverse conditions and external factors that directly impact our digestive health, and in turn, our overall wellbeing – given the many direct and indirect downstream impacts, the health of our digestive system is central to overall health.

Consumer brands are eager to innovate with new functional ingredients that can support digestive health and thus enable overall health and wellbeing. Colostrum from dairy cows is designed by nature to optimize the digestive system, to get the house in order so-to-speak, thereby supporting whole-body health and wellbeing.  Colostrum contains a wide spectrum of active natural components that work in multiple ways to ensure a healthy, functioning gastro-intestinal system which then has significant impact on overall health, including immunity and regularity.

This white paper, authored by Dr. Mike Weiser, Director of Innovation at PanTheryx, describes the modes of action for the bioactive components of colostrum for digestive health, and the subsequent impact on overall wellbeing.  The paper highlights recent research and clinical trials which demonstrate the digestive health benefits of colostrum from dairy cows.

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