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Big gains for digestive supplements on Amazon in 2020

Big gains for digestive supplements on Amazon in 2020.jpg
Probiotics ruled Amazon’s digestive supplement sales last year, but one formulation that added digestive enzymes and prebiotics saw unparalleled growth.

Good news for gut health products: digestive supplements saw significant growth in revenue on Amazon during 2020, increasing from US$27 million in January to $51 million in November. As expected, probiotics made up a vast majority of the category, with just under 84% market share by overall revenue. Enzymes ate up most of the leftovers at 15% market share, with charcoal products grabbing the smallest share at just over 1%.

The average price for all products in the category in 2020 was an even $25/unit, down only slightly from $25.18 in 2019. digestive health category market share digestive health category market share.JPG


Synbiotics-enzymes formulas stand out

The top 25 products (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers, or ASINs) performed slightly better than the category, with 41% growth year to date. One product stood out as the primary driver: Wholesome Wellness brand Raw Probiotic 100 Billion CFU [colony-forming unit] with prebiotics and digestive enzymes (ASIN: B0811P73BT), which saw incredible growth of over 10 times in that same period. This ASIN was ranked #144 in January 2020 and skyrocketed to take its place as the 8th best-selling product in the category in November.

To read this article in its entirety, check out The gut microbiome – digital magazine.

Dan Harari is vice president of business development for ClearCut Analytics, an eCommerce and retail analytics company based in Chicago.

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