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Cooperation and compliance in contract manufacturing – digital magazine

Cooperation and compliance in contract manufacturing – digital magazine
Manufacturers for hire in the natural products industry are more than just workhorses optimized to deliver the market’s latest supplement products. The leading contract manufacturers help brands secure the best materials and ingredients, keep up with the newest production and delivery technologies as well as the latest regulatory requirements, and consider modern formulation and consumer trends. Further, the right contract manufacturer delivers what the brand requests and needs, while also staying within the boundaries of regulatory rules and industry best practices. With all of that knowledge at the ready, brands must consider and investigate many aspects in advance of a potential partnership, including asking pointed questions about quality, compliance, capability, scalability, turnaround time and supply relationships.

Takeaways for Your Business:

  • It is essential to establish expectations between the brand owner and the contract manufacturer.
  • Experts highly recommend a physical audit of the potential contract manufacturer’s facility.
  • Lean on manufacturers with R&D, product development, TechOps, marketing and sales departments.

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