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Putting minds at ease with cognitive health and stress ingredients – product development guide

Putting minds at ease with cognitive health and stress ingredients – product development guide
A chaotic world putting a strain on consumer's brains offers greater opportunity for clinically proven ingredients that address stress and cognitive health.

Between the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting daily routines, societal and political unrest and more, our cognitive health has never been more precarious. Combined with the fact that the U.S.'s aging population are looking for solutions that will keep their minds sharp as they grow older, the market for products that promote stress relief and brain health will only become larger as times goes on.

More and more consumers are now prioritizing mental health just as much as physical health. This focus allows them to boost their energy levels, keep them motivated to achieve their life goals, and continue to enjoy their hobbies and life pleasures. This is backed by a 6.3% growth in brain health supplements as well as 30% growth in stress-management supplements.

Download the latest product development guide to learn about the growing demographic of consumers actively looking for cognitive health and stress-management supplements and the bouquet of botanical ingredients available to formulators to address this market.


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