Video: Consumer Expectations Around Clean Label

Consumers are increasingly interested in products with fewer and more natural ingredients, and have their own expectations of “clean label.”

Consumers are demanding transparency and trust about their food, from the ingredients to how it’s marketed. While some demographic differences can be seen in expectations regarding “clean label,” the similarities around the need for supply chain transparency and healthy ingredients span across consumer markets.

In this INSIDER exclusive video, Jeff Hilton, president and co-founder of BrandHive, shares insights from recent research conducted with consumers around the clean-label trend. He’ll continue the conversation at SupplySide West in Las Vegas, at the full-day summit, “Delivering on the Clean Label Expectation,” Wednesday, Oct. 5. Additional topics will include:

• Meeting the spirit and letter of clean label

• Turning R&D challenges into winning formulas

• Supply chain considerations and solutions

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