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joint health

Reviewing Joint Health Clinical Trials

<p>Joint health product brands need to ensure the studies they use to substantiate claims contain reliable clinical trial data, and not &#8220;clinical trial nonsense." Stratum Nutrition&#8217;s Micah Osborn describes common pitfalls that can undermine scientific research.</p>

“Relieve pain NOW! Stop inflammation in its tracks! Results in ONLY 2 hours!"

These are all marketing claims consumers may have seen recently describing the miraculous benefits of various health supplements. However, many consumers need proof of these claims. The proof in this case is found in clinical trials conducted on the ingredients in various supplements.

However, some areas of studies should be viewed skeptically. In these areas, slow down and proceed with caution to distinguish between proper handling of reliable clinical trial data and clinical trial nonsense:

• “Any Endpoint Will Do" (Just Don’t Make Me Pick One Ahead of Time)

• “Placebo Bait-and-Switch"

• “The Shotgun Approach to Clinical Trials" (The More You Measure, the Merrier)

• “Give Me a Side of Dinner With My Supplement, Please!"

• “Rescue Medication: The Wizard Behind the Results"

• “Too Good to Publish"

Learn more about these common pitfalls of poor clinical study design—as well as how to spot and avoid them—in INSIDER’s Joint Health Digital Magazine.

Micah Osborne is the president of Stratum Nutrition  (ESM Technologies) a specialty health ingredient supplier to the supplement and pet food industries. Stratum endeavors to provide high-quality, research-backed ingredients to the nutrition industry.

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