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Research Substantiates Claims for RiceBran Ingredients

<p>RiceBran Technologies (RBT) released a claims substantiation analysis of the health benefits of RBT's proprietary rice-bran based ingredients.</p>

RiceBran Technologies (RBT) released a claims substantiation analysis of the health benefits of RBT's proprietary rice-bran based ingredients.

Jay Udani, M.D., co-founder and CEO of Medicus Research, said, "RiceBran Technologies proprietary ingredients and the active components of these ingredients have been the subject of numerous studies which, when the evidence is combined, appear to be able to substantiate claims related to the management of healthy lipids, glucose, and insulin."

Medicus Research conducted the research, which substantiates that RBT's RiBran™ and RiSolubles® products reduce hyperglycemia; improve insulin levels and insulin sensitivity; and increases adiponectin levels. The research also cites scientific evidence indicating that the Company's RiFiber™ product reduces total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides; reduces absorption of cholesterol; and reduces plasma lipid and lipoprotein cholesterol. Clinical research is necessary for claims substantiation, and can sometimes add specificity to standard structure/function claims, as noted in the Natural Product INSIDER’s “Conducting Clinical Trials" Digital Pulse.

W. John Short, CEO and president of RBT commented, "As the consumer package goods industry focuses billions of dollars on healthy whole-food nutrition, the ability to provide ingredients that can result in important front-of-label claims for these new products differentiates RBT from our competitors."

In addition, the company released three new ingredients earlier this month at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California, March 6-8. The new Proryza™ branded ingredients include:

  • Proryza Platinum: a nutritional bulking agent that adds prebiotic dietary fiber and is rich in gamma oryzanol and tocotrienols.
  • Proryza Crisps: extruded crisps made from RBT’s RiFiber product and blended with a range of other healthy ingredients, which offer 10 percent protein and 10 percent fiber by weight.
  • Proryza Brew: a series of craft brew ingredients containing stabilized rice bran that increase overall flavor profile; increase hops flavor profile; provide antioxidants for extended shelf life and strong emulsifying properties.
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