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Prairie Naturals CulturedCare® Probiotic Gum Receives NPN

<p>CulturedCare&#174;&#160; Probiotic Gum (from Prairie Naturals&#174;) was granted a product license by Health Canada with an issued Natural Product Number (NPN).</p>

ST. CHARLES, Mo.—CulturedCare®  Probiotic Gum (from Prairie Naturals®) was granted a product license by Health Canada with an issued Natural Product Number (NPN). CulturedCare contains BLIS K12® probiotic (from Stratum Nutrition) and was approved for use in Canada:

  • To promote oral health through the recolonization of the oral cavity;
  • As an oral probiotic for recolonization of the oral cavity after antibiotic treatment; and
  • Following oral antimicrobial rinsing, Streptococcus salivarius K12 supplementation helps reduce volatile sulfur compound levels (halitosis).

“The issuance of an NPN for products featuring BLIS K12® is a first step for BLIS probiotics in the Canadian market place," said Jeremy Moore, president of Stratum Nutrition. “Now that a product containing BLIS K12® has received an NPN, we anticipate consumer access to such products will increase in Canada. While the most recent science support goes beyond basic oral health; this approval is a great start to seeing more acceptance for Canadian products using BLIS oral probiotics."

 Last year, Stratum, along with recent partner ESM Technologies, joined the JVIC.

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