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Multifunctional Flaxseed IngredientsMultifunctional Flaxseed Ingredients

September 21, 2011

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Multifunctional Flaxseed Ingredients

Today, as economic concerns loom large, food manufacturers are looking for effective, yet low-cost, ingredientsand if that ingredient serves multiple functions, even better.

With that in mind, Glanbia Nutritionals developed the OptiSol 5000 series, a line of flaxseed-based ingredients with hydrocolloid properties. Ingredients in the line can be used to replace gums, gluten, fats and other higher-priced ingredients, allowing manufacturers to reduce costs while maintaining optimal flavor and texture in their formulations.

The OptiSol 5000 line was developed to be a healthy, low-cost, all-natural alternative to gum systems," says Marilyn Stieve, business development manager, flax. In addition, the ingredients contain fiber, so can add to the fiber level of finished products. They are also high in ALA omega-3. They offer the opportunity to make ALA omega-3 nutrient-content claims, as well as the opportunity to make structure/function claims around cardiovascular health."

Among the lines offerings are OptiSol 5000 and OptiSol 5100. OptiSol 5000 was developed for use in tortillas, gluten-free products, pizza crusts, sheeted doughs, batters and breadings as a tool for gum replacement. OptiSol 5100 was developed for whole-grain, high-fiber breads to provide moisture-management control, shelf-life extension and optimization of vital wheat gluten, according to Stieve.

In a tortilla study conducted by Glanbia, OptiSol 5000 at a use level of 1.4% was compared with a cellulose and guar gum blend at use levels of 0.5% to 0.8%. The control tortillas included no gums. A variety of tortillasflour, whole-wheat, reduced-fat and cornwere evaluated on mixing characteristics, dough machinability, tortilla extensibility and toughness, finished-product characteristics, and rollability.

The results confirmed that tortilla doughs prepared with OptiSol 5000 performed equal to or better than the control and cellulose-based gum blend. Tortilla diameter was significantly increased at equal dough weights (40 grams) with addition of OptiSol 5000, providing potential yield benefits. In addition, the OptiSol tortillas were significantly less tough than those formulated with the control or cellulose-gum blend, and exhibited increased rollability and decreased cracking.

Like any ingredient, the formulation of the final product may need to be altered when using these ingredients," Stieve says. We find in some formulations that you may need to add extra water. We also have found, in some cases, improved performance when changing the order of adding ingredients into the formulations. As in any hydrocolloid system, it is important that you fully hydrate and functionalize the gums found within the ingredient, and the order of adding ingredients can assist with this. OptiSol has a strong affinity for water and needs to be in the presence of water to fully functionalize."

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