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KSM-66 Receives Health Canada Approval for Functional Claims

<p>Health Canada approved a set of functional claims for Ixoreal Biomed's KSM-66 ashwagandha, an advanced form of the Indian herb used in traditional ayurvedic medicine.</p>

LOS ANGELESIxoreal Biomed, the developer of KSM-66 ashwagandha, announced that Health Canada granted approval to KSM-66 for a range of functional claims. KSM-66 was the recipient of the "Best Botanical Ingredient" award for 2013 at Natural Products Expo West. It is an advanced form of ashwagandha, an Indian herb used in traditional ayurvedic medicine.

Formulators can make the following end-product claims when using KSM-66 in the clinically relevant dosage, under Health Canada's Natural Product Number (NPN) 80047973:

  • Helps increase resistance to stress/anxiety in individuals with a history of chronic stress, thereby improving their overall quality of life
  • Athletic support or workout/exercise supplement
  • Helps promote healthy testosterone production in males

KSM-66 also only uses the root, as specified by Health Canada's ashwagandha monograph.

KSM-66 is the ashwagandha root's highest concentration full-spectrum extract available on the world market today. Being drawn from just the root, KSM-66 is in keeping with the specification of Ashwagandha in the leading natural supplements references, like the U.S Pharmacopeia and the British Pharmacopoeia." said Kartikeya Baldwa, director at Ixoreal Biomed. "Indeed, the vast majority of the independent clinical studies on ashwagandha also use only the root. Therefore, this probably puts KSM-66 on more familiar ground in the minds of governmental regulators across the world. This is likely one of the factors that triggered issuance of the KSM-66 NPN in a prompt fashion."

Ixoreal Biomed is an herbal extracts and pharmaceuticals company based in Hyderabad, India and Los Angeles. It is represented in Canada by Toronto-based raw material supplier CK Ingredients. KSM-66 was introduced for supplement, beverage and functional food manufacturers.

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