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Gut Health Ingredients Galore

<p>Gut health is an expanding area of research, with attention being paid to the gut microbiome and its benefits to overall health. Recent research supports ingredients that support digestion, as well as those that can promote healthy bacteria in the gut.</p>

There once was time when a lack of tummy troubles (e.g., bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation and the like) indicated good gut health. “Nothing feels wrong, so something must be right." There may be some truth to that statement, but it certainly falls short of what is rapidly becoming the new notion of gut health; increasingly, science is making the connection between gut health and overall health, with an emphasis on certain areas, such as immune health.

This is good news for manufacturers and marketers of digestive health supplements and functional foods. Consumers are no longer turning to natural products solely to address the distress of digestion malfunction. In addition to the standard demand for fibers to promote regularity, or products to relieve constipation or gas, consumers without digestive discomforts are also turning to natural products that promote gut health to improve overall health and well-being.

And currently, the hullabaloo revolves around the gut microbiome, the ecosystem of bacteria residing in the gut—and for good reason, too.

“The gut microbiome is one of the most exciting areas of science today, and the relevance of the microbiome to our health beyond digestion is a hot area for research," said John Deaton, vice president of technology at Deerland Enzymes.

Chris Schmidt, consumer health analyst, Euromonitor International, said dietary supplements positioned around digestive health have outpaced the overall dietary supplement market in the United States, and even more strongly around the world. Among factors contributing to this market success, Schmidt cited health trends, “such as the increasing incidence of GERD [gastroesophageal reflux disease], and to a lesser extent, an increase in the awareness of the gut-microbiome’s impact on total health."

Read about the latest research behind gut health ingredients in INSIDER’s recent digestive health Digital Issue.

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