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Functional, Healthful Soy PuréeFunctional, Healthful Soy Purée

February 14, 2011

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Functional, Healthful Soy Purée

Globally, the market for soyfoods is expected to reach $42.3 billion by 2012. Among the factors fueling that growth are growing consumer awareness about the health benefits of soy, according to Soy Foods: A Global Strategic Business Report," a Jan. 2011 report from Global Industry Analysts, Inc., San Jose, CA.

While research shows that soy may play a role in reducing the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer, and can help ease menopausal symptoms, research strongly supports soys cholesterol-lowering benefits. The evidence is so strong that FDA approved a health claim for soy protein and heart health in 1999 (Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 101, Section 82). Since then, the number of soy-containing food products, as well as soy ingredients, has increased. One such ingredient, Mori-Nu Silken Soy Purée from Morinaga Nutritional Foods, Inc., can help food manufacturers meet the soy health-claim requirements in their products.

Silken Soy Purée is not only nondairy, it has no cholesterol and no trans fat, and is low in calories, fat and sodium. It is a good alternative to dairy, oil, soymilk, isolated soy protein, meat and fish, and helps manufacturers meet consumer demand for health and wellness products," says Danny Muneoka, technical coordinator. It is a homogenized liquid with a smooth texture, a low soy aftertaste and a rich flavor, like cream, making it an excellent dairy alternative in nondairy products."

Regular Silken Soy Purée is available in organic and conventional varieties. High Density Silken Soy Purée is higher in viscosity and available in conventional form.

Replacing part of the cream cheese in cheesecakes with Silken Soy Purée reduces fat, calories, cholesterol and sodium while keeping the same delicious taste and texture," Muneoka says. It can also be used to make creamy, nondairy and vegan dressings while reducing oil and maintaining a mild taste. Even in low pH, Silken Soy Purée maintains a smooth texture."

Other functional attributes include a low curdling reaction, which prevents Silken Soy Purée from separating, even in acidic beverages. And, Silken Soy Purée extends the melting time of nondairy ice cream products, a benefit the company says is likely caused by the soy protein network that binds and insulates ice crystals. Further, manufacturers can cut costs by mixing 70% heavy whipping cream with 30% Silken Soy Purée for whipped cream. When whipped, it has increased overrun compared to heavy cream." Muneoka says. The result is great peaks without the shape collapse of other combinations."

The homogenized, liquid form of Silken Soy Purée helps food manufacturers attain creamy, smooth texture with minimal effort in beverages, salad dressings, sauces, ice cream, cheesecakes, pies, bagels, puddings, custards, breads, pasta and more.

Morinaga Nutritional Foods, Inc.

2441 W. 205th Street, Suite C102

Torrance, CA 90501

Phone: 310/787-0200

Website: morinu.com

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