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Euro-Pharm's Cebolixs® features innoVactiv's InSea2®

Article-Euro-Pharm's Cebolixs® features innoVactiv's InSea2®

<p>Euro-Pharm announced&#160; the Canadian launch of CEBOLIXS&#174;, a carb-inhibitor using innoVactiv's active ingredient InSea2&#174;.</p>

MONTREAL—Euro-Pharm announced  the Canadian launch of Cebolixs®, a carb-inhibitor using innoVactiv's active ingredient InSea2®. Cebolixs® stabilizes blood sugar and reduces glycemic index of ingested foods so as to reduce cravings instead of blocking only one enzyme like other carb-inhibitors.

 “We are thrilled and excited to bring Cebolixs® to Canadian consumers," said Emanuele Caltagirone, president and CEO of Euro-Pharm. "The approved claims, strong clinical data and superior quality of the medicinal ingredient contained in Cebolixs® were a natural fit to our portfolio of pharmaceuticals and natural health products."

Cebolixs® main ingredient, InSea2®, originates from years of research and several clinical trials by innoVactiv. Studies have been published in peer-reviewed Canadian journals Food Research International and Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism.

“After years of R&D effort in our medicinal ingredient InSea2®, Euro-Pharm is the ideal commercial partner we were looking for to embark on this adventure with us," said Patrice Dionne, CEO of innoVactiv. "Their team of experienced health and marketing professionals spent months to understand every aspect of our technical and scientific results to bring the health benefits of InSea2® to consumers with a simple and efficient message."

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